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            Hand protection seriesFace protection seriesBody protection seriesOther medical consumables
            Made of natural rubber imported from Thailand, and non-hazardous;Sterilized by Ethylene oxide
            Hotline: +86-0791-85352308 / 85352311

            Company Name
            Jiangxi Kemei Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd.
            contact number
            Enterprise production address
            Beside National Road 316, Xinju, Changshan Township, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
            post code
            Medical device manufacturer license number
            product name
            Disposable medical rubber examination gloves
            Specification model
            Model: There are powdered hemp noodles, powdered glossy noodles, powder-free hemp noodles, and powder-free glossy noodles:
            Specifications: Extra small (XS) small (S), medium (M), medium (m), large (u), large, (L) extra large (XL).
            Registration Number
            After-sales service unit
            Jiangxi Kemei Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd.
            Product technical requirements
            Registered address of the company
            Beside National Road 316, Xinju, Changshan Township, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

            [Main structure, performance]

            This product is made of natural rubber latex as the main raw material, sterilized by ethylene oxide, and the product is sterile.

            [Scope of application]

            It is used by medical institutions for medical inspection and health protection.


            Pull open the sealed bag at the opening according to the requirements of aseptic operation, and take out the inner gloves. Wear it regardless of whether it is left or right.

            [Taboo, attention]

            1. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide, the product is sterile, and the sterilization period is two years; see the seal on the production date, please use it within the validity period.

            2. According to the type of hand, choose the specifications that suit you. Please remove the ring and other hand accessories and trim your nails before putting it on.

            3. It is forbidden to use the package if it is damaged. This product is for one-time use, please treat the product as medical waste after use;

            4. This product has been treated with surface powder materials, and the surface powder of the gloves is aseptically removed before use.

            5. The powder-free gloves are covered with TPU slip coating, which is anti-allergic.

            6. The manual was prepared on August 8, 2015

            Graphic symbol description

            1. Sun protection
            2. Moisture-proof
            3. Handle with care
            4. One-time use
            5. Ethylene oxide sterilization

            Storage: It should be stored where the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 80% and there is no corrosive substance